The Cosmic Librarian

Consultant, Researcher, Evolutionary Activist, and Experiencer of the Super Natural

What is your story?

​​My belief is that many, if not most people have had super natural experiences in their lives. Due to belief systems, religion, or culture, people often fear the stigma attached to these experiences, and as a result, are reluctant to share these experiences, even with close friends and family members. My goal is to offer people the opportunity to share their stories in a safe, anonymous environment. I want to hear your stories, compare them to others, and perhaps find common threads in these experiences that could offer clues as to what, why, and how super natural events unfold and how they are created. I will not publish your story without your consent, and in the interest of privacy, I will not share your personal information or email with anyone else. If you wish to share your story, please complete the comments box to the left, and I will get back with you about sharing details of your story.

What is the Super Natural?

​​The super natural can be defined as highly unusual phenomena that cannot currently be explained by what scientists know and understand about nature, the world, and our universe. Unlike 'supernatural' or 'paranormal', the assumption would be that all of these various experiences are part of nature and, therefore, 'natural' occurrences. The super natural encompasses a wide range of so-called 'anomalous' experiences. Examples would be ghosts, UFOs, telekinesis, time-slips, etc. 

​​What's Your Story?