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A special note about 'Medium': There have been many television shows over the years that have tackled the supernatural and psychic abilities. 'Medium', starring Patricia Arquette, aired from 2005 through 2011, and is about the most authentic representation of psi abilities and channelling that you will find just about anywhere. Ms. Arquette won 2 Emmy awards for her portrayal of real-life psychic, Allison Dubois. So many of the stories presented in 'Medium' resonated with me and my own 'super natural' experiences in life, especially in the very unusual and unique ways that they portrayed how  consciousness connects to events, people, and the 'grand scheme' of things. 

Consciousness Connections-  Other Media

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While it's not my place to advocate for any particular belief system, idea, paradigm, or theory, I am offering some recommended reading and other tools that may inspire you to seek answers and blaze new trails of learning and growth for yourself. I have read, and own, each and every one of these books (...And many more that are not listed here). I prefer 'real', old fashioned books myself, but many of these books are also available in digital formats, so seek out the best format for you in any titles that pique your interest and curiosity. Other media recommendations are listed here, as well, from cinema and television, and are in Room 3.

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