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                   " In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes."  Andy Warhol

            I have been a natural channeler all of my life, but it has only been in the last 20 years or so that I have been really aware of what may be going on when this happens. Channeling is basically the ability to be conscious of, and communicate with, those that have crossed over. The first time I realized that I could do this, it just about blew me away emotionally, and on an intellectual level it left me confused and wondering if what I had experienced was real, or just my own active imagination at play (I still wonder about this, by the way). To make matters even more interesting, my own awareness of my ability seemed to attract more attention from those on the other side. It seems that many on the other side are as excited as all get out to find someone who can see, hear, and understand them, and if they can find someone to relay a message to a loved one in this dimension, they will bug you incessantly until you finally give in and deliver your message, even if it means having a total stranger look at you as if you have corn growing of your ears when the message is finally delivered. 

            A good example of this occurred around 12 years ago when I visited a new hair stylist for the very first time. As I sat in the chair having my hair trimmed, I suddenly saw in my mind’s eye, an elderly Mexican woman asking me to tell the stylist, Rose, “hello.” This little woman was insistent and would not get out of my head. Finally, in my mind I told her that if she wanted me to say “hello” for her that she would have to give me something to work with, and some form of validation that would be recognized by Rose, other than ‘some old lady on the other side says hello’! I immediately became aware of the apron that the old lady wore. “Tell her about the apron,” said the woman. I also saw the woman holding out a beautifully decorated cake. 

            “ This is going to sound like a strange question,” I said to Rose, “ but do you know someone special to you who always wore an apron?” 

            Rose stopped trimming my hair, got a surprised expression on her face, looked me in the eye and said, “That is so strange that you would ask me that! Just yesterday I was out shopping when I found a beautiful holiday apron. When I saw the apron, it reminded me of my great-aunt who was the person in my family that everyone else revolved around. She took care of all of us, and she always wore the same, old apron every day, and all day long. Her apron had a very distinctive smell, and when I saw the apron in the store yesterday, I swear I smelled the scent of her apron in the store!” 

            I replied, “Your aunt wants you to know that she was aware you were thinking of her yesterday, and that she still loves you very much.” 

            Rose’s eyes briefly welled-up with tears, then she asked, “Did she tell you anything else?” 

            I told Rose about the cake and she just gave a broad smile. “My great-aunt was well known for her wonderful Mexican cakes---you know those with bright, pink frosting? You can buy those at the local grocery store, but none of them taste as good or are as pretty as the ones that she made. She was well-known for her cakes and was always making them for people in our family.” 

            To me, the great thing about this story is that Rose had also channeled her great-aunt the day before our meeting, but had not grasped the full impact of it until talking to me. I feel that I validated her experience, as much as she validated mine. 

            Most channeling involves common, ordinary every-day people, and for years I seriously questioned people who claimed communication with those on the other side who had been famous in life. In retrospect, it just seemed kind of hokey to me, worthy of much eye-rolling, and nothing more than an attention-getter for the channeler. And, of course, conversing with Marilyn Monroe probably seems much more interesting to most people than hearing from Uncle Sid or Grandma! 

            On the other hand, we are often taken by surprise by the depth of feeling that can be aroused in us by those that we do not even know personally. When Christopher Reeve died in October of 2004, many in the world were affected deeply by the passing of such a strong, compassionate, and brave spirit, who had worked tirelessly until the day he died to improve the lives of others while struggling with his own broken body. He had become much more than just another actor or movie star to many, and we will forever remember him as “Superman”, both on and off the screen.

            One morning a few days after Mr. Reeve’s death, I was getting ready for work when it crossed my mind what a special person he was, and how sad it was for the world to lose someone with so much grace. I suddenly became aware of his presence and heard within my mind, “ The really brave people in this world are those, like you, who get up every morning, work hard, and do the best they can every day, and always try to do the right thing, without credit or special attention. I was blessed that I had fame and that people would listen to me. I was the lucky one.” 

            I cannot begin to describe the emotion I felt when I heard these words in my head. They felt real and genuine to me.  As tears rolled down my face, I said out loud, “Thank you, Superman!” He replied, “No, thank you,” and then he was gone.
            As a teenager and in my college years, I had been a huge fan of the folksinger John Denver. My own love of nature was captured perfectly in many of his songs, and I must have played “Rocky Mountain High” hundreds of times once I purchased his album of the same name. I even attended a concert of his in San Antonio, Texas, but as the years went by his popularity waned, and I soon looked upon him as just someone who had lost his luster, as I went on to what I considered more sophisticated fare in regards to music. Over the years, Mr. Denver had his own share of pain, multiple marriages, and a couple of arrests for drunk driving. When the plane crash that took his life in 1997 was announced, the details made it appear, in my mind, as if the crash had been no accident, but rather a possibly creative form of suicide. His death had disappointed me on some level, but I soon let it go.
            Years later as I was perusing songs on-line, I remembered that “Rocky Mountain High” had been one of my all-time favorite songs, so I went looking for it in the iTunes Store. I soon found what I was looking for, downloaded the song, and plugged in the ear-buds to listen to the entire tune. As I sat there, all of the feelings I had experienced so many years before flooded back as I heard the acoustic guitar accompaniment and Denver’s voice singing the lyrics that were like a hymn to the glory of his beloved Rocky Mountains. In getting caught up in the music, I soon realized that I had attracted attention. John Denver was sitting there with that very wide smile of his, and also let me know what had happened on the day he had died. That strong emotion of his in regards to the beauty around him had been his downfall. He had gotten so caught up with the sky, the clouds, and the ocean on that day that he had not been paying attention to his flying. By the time he had realized that his plane was in trouble, it was too late, he over-corrected and nose-dived into the ocean. For him, all in all, it had not been a bad way to go because he had been doing two things that he really loved, flying and enjoying nature. In many ways he was bringing me a message, helping me to rediscover and appreciate my passion for nature, as well as the very special qualities that were inherent in his music. As to whether or not how he died was the truth, I can only say that there is no way to prove it, but then I also leave all my strange experiences open to question.  

            Ok, let the eye-rolling begin… Not to be a really big name dropper, but I am guilty of the worst---an Elvis sighting! I have loved Elvis Presley since I was a very little girl, and one of the things that brought me joy after I became an adult was listening to Elvis as I drove to work. Elvis had many memorable songs, but the one song that I have listened to of his that has always connected me to him is his “If I Can Dream”. He has certainly had much bigger hits than this song, but for some reason the person that he truly, deeply was, is expressed in this song. Anyone who has heard this recording, or watched him sing it during his 1968 TV special, has to aware that he put more of himself into this song than any other that he ever recorded. One day as I listened to this song, his presence came through loud and clear. The biggest disappointment in his life was that he felt he had not done more to help the world. He had wanted his career to be the starting point towards much better things for others because he understood, in a very personal way, what it feels like to “do without” and he wanted to change that for everyone in need. So much of his unhappiness and issues with drugs and the total imbalance in his later years was due to his own lack of faith in himself, and his perception of failure in reaching his goals of helping others.

            When we look to people who touch our souls, we are really connecting with ourselves. Creative people in particular, singers, dancers, actors, painters, composers, writers, and poets, express themselves through their art. If one really listens to various works of Mozart, for instance, at some point that person will recognize a piece as Mozart’s music, even if it has never been heard before. His music is like a familiar old friend that we would recognize anywhere. When this happens, we have connected not merely as a fan of his music, but on a personal and spiritual level. We know this person and have gotten a one-on-one with his very soul, and may indeed be channeling this person without being aware of it, whether they are alive or dead.

            One of the most important elements of the human experience is that of feeling. Feeling is connecting to an emotion, understanding its meaning, and with it an understanding of ourselves and our connection to the greater whole. The great web of our reality vibrates on feeling. Those that touch us on an emotional level are also connecting to us, whether they are here in this dimension, or reaching out from another. They are, indeed, one other aspect of ourselves. Fame merely bestows the ability to reach out and touch more people, whether it is for good, or to show us our own failings and those things that we must overcome. And all are messengers if we will only open up and listen. 

* Just one more brief note about John Denver: Since the time that I had the experience with John Denver, I have come across quite a few people that also claim contact with him, including one lady out of Australia, Janice Hunnybell, who has written two books about messages from John Denver, ‘Things That I Believe In’, and ‘All You Need is Love’.